All about dry haircutting and curly-hair cutting

Vogue Magazine: A dry cut is officially your hair’s new best friend!

Check out this great article from US Vogue on all the reasons why a dry haircut could be for you. 

A Dry Cut Is Officially Your Hair’s New Best Friend

Squish to Condish: Curl-enhancing technique

This easy technique for conditioning your hair (at home) will enhance your curls and also reduce the amount of conditioner that you use!

The linked page contains a video that explains the technique. Start the video at around 2 mins, 45 secs.

Squish to Condish: The curl-enhancing technique you need to try today

If you want to know more about dry haircutting and curly-hair cutting, this is the place for you. Below is a range of articles from across the world on these forgotten arts, plus some great hair-care tips. Enjoy!

Marie Clare: A dry cut is better for your hair

Articles about dry haircutting seem to be popping up more and more ... and there are good reasons why. Dry haircuts are more precise and usually take less time (no shampoo or blow dry)

Read on and you’ll find a few more good reasons why you should consider getting your hair cut dry, not wet.

Is a Dry Cut Really Better for Your Hair?‍‍‍

The dry cut trend

This article explains why stylists like using the dry cut technique and why you’ll love the results!

Dry cut hair trend: Here's why stylists love it and you will, too

Got curly hair?

ATTENTION: Curly-hair ladies and gents, this article is for you. It compares three very different approaches to cutting curly hair.

1. Wet.

2. Blow-dried straight, then cut.

3. Dry – where the hair is cut in its natural dry state.

Which method is for you?

Which Curly Hair-Cutting Method Is Right For You?

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Five reasons why you need to try a dry haircut

This article surveys some high-profile US stylists on the main benefits of a dry haircut. Of course, you don't need to travel to the US get a dry cut ....

Five reasons why you need to try a dry haircut